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September 19 2019

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Taiwan News: Netizens outraged by 'gene washing' wedding between Chinese man and Uyghur woman

«In the video, a host of a wedding party appears to ask the Chinese groom how long he has known the bride, and he replies "two months." Instead of being happy, the Uyghur woman has a sad look on her face, as if she is being coerced into the wedding. The person who uploaded the video indicated that it was an example of forced marriages between Han Chinese men and Uyghur women that the Chinese government is implementing to assimilate the ethnic minority group in Xinjiang Province.»

YouTube: Uyghur woman is enforced to marry China man

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„Reicher Mann und armer Mann standen da und sahn sich an. Und der Arme sagte bleich: »Wär ich nicht arm, wärst du nicht reich«.“ (Bertolt Brecht)
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Carl Sagan on Global Warming

Clip from Cosmos episode 4 - "Heaven and Hell" in the "Cosmos Update" section from 1990
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Finkregh starred dylanaraps/pure-sh-bible

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred dylanaraps/pure-sh-bible Sep 19, 2019 dylanaraps/pure-sh-bible

📖 A collection of pure POSIX sh alternatives to external processes.

Shell 103 Updated Sep 19

Finkregh opened an issue in OSInside/kiwi

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh opened an issue in OSInside/kiwi Sep 19, 2019 Add support for alpine linux / apk package manager #1206

Problem description Support for alpine linux would be great

Finkregh opened an issue in OSInside/kiwi

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh opened an issue in OSInside/kiwi Sep 19, 2019 add option to show output of config.sh #1205

Problem description i'd like to see the output of config.sh w/o enabling debug and getting too much output Expected behaviour only see output of co…

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